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Welcome to my new Healthspirit website!

A brief information about me: I have been practising for longer than a decade in my role as a mental health professional – couch, psychologist, court expert, CBT therapist, and hypnotherapist. In my practice I have met and still meet and work with a variety of human issues from clear symptoms – stuttering, psychosomatic pain and others to more complicated ones – phobias, fears and post-traumatic stress disorders.

The initial, preliminary session is important not just because we are getting to know each other. We can consider it is the beginning of the whole psychotherapeutic process. So here I will ask you questions (you can put yours as well) about your manner of living, how long ago you’ve started feeling something unusual happens, what helps you to keep you to continue. Maybe you are passing through a difficult time, maybe you are lonesome and feel alone or maybe you are looking for answers and I can help you in this way as well.

Part of my job is to asses how powerful your personal resources are and to they can be increased and empowered. While I’m doing this you will have a nice time and will be feel accepted, understood and allowed to talk about what you need to. Please do not expect me to order you anything as I believe it is wrong. Nobody is in your shouts so the one responsible for your choices in life is only you! I can help you to become more calm (means brave) and conscious about your current challenges, to take your own decisions with a clear mind but first of all You are the one living your own life!

Some further sessions might be attended if you wish to. Please note – I never ask you to come back. If you feel I’ve been helpful and you feel helped, supported and encouraged after our session then you are very welcome to arrange a next one whatever is convenient for you. There is no any press in my work as I believe the mindfulness works in a different, nice and calm way with following your own intuition and heart.

Today there are many psychologists, magicians, therapists and many, many more – all of them pretending to be the best. That is why  I am telling you – I’m not one of those, so obviously I am not “the best” but if after having a look at my website (consisting most of my background, manner of thinking, values and the things I am currently do) you feel positive about me, then please use some ways to give me a ping – either by email, phone or whatever to ask me other questions and/or to book an appointment.


Thank you for visiting my Healthspirit website and have a really nice time here!


Kind Regards,


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