About Me

Dear Visitor of my blog,

My name is George. I’m a psychologist, CBT and hypnotherapist.

I was born a few decades ago in Burgas City. It is a very old city (established a few centuries ago) which is located in south-eastern Bulgaria. The atmosphere there is still very friendly and warm, the climate is soft and The Black Sea is really attractive for the local people and tourists looking for relaxation and calmness in some moments.

As an average person I love my birth place and all of those memories in which I still feel the honest, caring attitude of the closest people around me. Yes, there were some a few tough moments in my past but I’ve always believed in the sunny weather, good lay outs, positive and honest relationship with the others. As a child and teenager I like mostly to read. Reading books was giving me the fabulous opportunity to dive into others’ worlds and realities, to look at the things around through other glasses and to get new knowledge increasing my one. At that time there were not too many books at our home and none of my parents were specialists in mental health so the book stores were my favourite places to spend some time. Somewhere in my 14 years, I read a book about the process of dreaming. It was impressing how the human brain and body work during the night and what kind of processes occur (I still keep that book titled “How to order dreams” and some points of one were quoted in my book “A look at hypnosis”, published in 2012). Maybe that was the beginning of my curiosity about our mentality and the way of how we think and behave. About ten years later I graduated in psychology obtaining my Master’s and university specialisation. Straight away I took participation in both possible courses in hypnosis at that time – a Basic and Hypnotherapy one and started working as a private hypnotherapist. About a year later I successfully passed through a difficult recruitment procedure and held the role of state psychologist in the Institute of Psychology – Ministry of Interior. As you can imagine, working as a criminal and sometimes as a forensic psychologist is interesting and exciting enough as there is no equal cases and everytime our approach has to be different and at the same time – strongly professional (applicable to the context of psychology as a whole). Working like that for a couple of years was giving me value professional experience and I published my first reports in a variety of scientific events (psychology conferences and congresses) but I started feeling that I prefer as a psychotherapist rather than a criminal professional so I left and dedicated myself to my private practice. Keeping my interest in hypnotherapy I became an individual membership of the UK General Hypnotherapy Register and the International Society of Hypnosis for next few years.

Afterwards, still developing my professional career I came into London, the UK and was happy to join to the British Psychological Society, the American Psychological Association and the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (as a regular member and as a member of the Standard Committee). Psychology and all of its relevant subjects are extremely dynamic and changeable. That is why for us, the mental health professionals is essential to keep learning, to share our experience with other colleagues and to more and more effective with the time. My area of working is mostly clinical and sometimes forensic. I also provide professional trainings and couching sessions mostly in London, the UK and in other cities and countries, also online (by Skype). More information about my publications and professional competencies can be seen in here http://www.healthspirit.co/georges-publications/ 

Please feel free to drop me a line with your comments, feedback or to ask me your questions on either at this page or on email: info@healthspirit.co.

Thank you very much for being my quest!

Warm regards,